Client Testamonials

  • Lawrence & Debbie Dallas, TX

    "After working with Roi for just a short time, he had our full confidence. I can't imagine building a new home in Alto, while living in Dallas, without total trust and confidence in your builder. We had that with Roi. And as importantly, he's always been readily available to answer any of our questions or fix the inevitable problem, no matter how small."

  • Sherry Chicago, IL

    "I couldn't be more pleased with all phases of the home building experience with Roi. He had the particular challenge of building the custom home while I was 1700 miles away, but he kept in close contact via phone and e-mail and the finished product was even better than I could have hoped for."

  • David and Linda Weatherford, TX

    "Our new vacation home looks fantastic! The built in quality and ease of maintenance will be enjoyed for many years. The overall building experience from design thru construction went smooth. You are a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Ratliff Custom Homes. "

"We decided to build after looking at many homes in Ruidoso and were not able to find what we were looking for. The only home that came close was the home Roi had for sale that he built for his parents. We had met with other builders and considered a few. One, I knew I could not have a long distance relationship with. I could tell this would be his house, not ours, and he would be looking out for his best interest. The other said the house we wanted could not be done for the price we could pay. And you know people were telling us what a nightmare it is to build a house and deal with a contractor much less doing it long distance! We persevered and it was such a wonderful experience. I even told Roi when it was done that Roi and I should build another. I still tell Ken even though it was a lot of work I loved every moment of the process. All this was possible because Roi was always looking out for us. I remember when it stood up to the landscaper for us. Telling him there had to be a way to do what we wanted at a cheaper cost. He thought ahead and had the well pump not put in until absolutely necessary so our warranty would be in place longer. He drove us to the home in the snow and ice so we could get the carpet picked out before we had to leave in the am. He called a wrecker when we were stranded and did not know anyone else to call. There was not a thing I wanted corrected that he did not attend to. I think all this shows what a professional contractor and honorable man he is. Everything wasn't just about the house - it was about fulfilling a dream for the owners. I want you to know also how adoringly he spoke of you and the children. Also a big plus for us was that he was there and a hands on builder. I know he made sure it was done right and up to his standards. He also had a good working relationship with professionals in the community and worked closely to make sure all inspections and permits were up to building standards. I would recommend Roi for anyone that needs someone who is capable, professional, honest, and hardworking, with high standards."

Janet and Ken
Dallas, TX